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Food Safety Programs Information

Food Safety Programs Information

The following programs are recognized by all state and local jurisdictions where QRS Training® holds classes in food safety. QRS Training® has qualified instructors certified to deliver training and exams in ServSafe®, Prometric®, and NRFSP® food safety.  

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Registered ServSafe proctor & certified ServSafe instructor

QRS Training is the leader in providing ServSafe® online exams at all classroom instruction locations. Take the online exam in minutes following the one day classroom session. You will receive an immediate result that can be printed and the fastest delivery of the certificate. **Note all exams must be organized and monitored by a proctor. 

Nationally Accredited, this exam choice is accepted in all states and jurisdictions that recognize those standards set by CFP and ANSI. Be sure to check our state regulations page.  


National Registry of Food Safety Professionals®

The National Registry of Food Safety Professionals® develops and maintains certification examination programs in the food safety profession. National Registry is recognized internationally by the food service industry for its tests and service delivery standards and practices. The Certified Food Safety Manager examination is accredited by the American National Standards Institute under standards established by the Conference for Food Protection. That accreditation makes National Registry's exam acceptable in all states and jurisdictions that recognize those standards set by ANSI and CFP, and is an assurance of quality in the development and maintenance of the exams.

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Accepted in all U.S. jurisdictions requiring certification, Prometric® programs offer an array of services designed around the way your organization provides training and testing. Prometric® food safety certification programs, accredited by ANSI and recognized by the Conference for Food Protection, offer up-to-date content, flexible programs and economical solutions that scale to meet your business requirements.